How to Build Your CryptoCoin Downlines

How to Build Your CryptoCoin Downlines

Probably you have noticed that the top recruiters in internet marketing have an ongoing list which they build and maintain of other online marketers. The ones who focus on CryptoCoins seem to have their lists targeted to primarily those who are interested in this niche.

Since it is fairly easy for most marketers to sponsor a few others into the free to join or economical opportunities, then its good to formulate your list by including all the ones who have joined under you from your promotions in previous opportunities and send them new CryptoCoin opportuities on an ongoing basis, which is what I and many others am doing and which you can also easily duplicate to build your own CryptoCoin email list.

In addition to keep it separate, I also have my homebiz email list where I provide training ideas and other homebiz opportunities.

You will see my list of both Crypto Currency opportunities and my main homebiz list located on my  Join With Robert presentation page.

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